Giant Textile has been newly established as a converter since 2003. We are professional in providing woven fabric for sportswear, outdoor and casual athletics. We keep collecting most of the best fabrics from different sources. Therefore, we have a variety of products covering in different fields. Our staffs have 10-25 years of experiences in textile industry and have strong textile backgrounds. In addition, we have successfully built up a strong and stable supplying chain since our company was established. That's why we can always satisfy our customers' needs.

Continuous innovation of the new technique is one of the most important missions in the textile industry. To provide more novel and fresh fabrics or functions, we work closely with R&D from mills and exchange ideas to develop new finish/fabrics every season. We keep trying to provide both fashion and functions at the same time. We not only emphasize on providing excellent handfeel fabrics, but also offer well competitive cost and satisfy our customers' demands by strictly controlling our production process.

GIANT TEXTILEOur core strategy is to focus on business social responsibility. To have a contribution to the society, we promote energy saving, recycling and reducing chemical pollution. Living and going green are our core principles.